1. Contact me for more information, or to let me know that you would like to sign your child up for lessons. 904.655-5328 or​

  2. To be placed on my schedule or waitlist you will need to go to the POOLS tab in the Navigation bar. Locate the pool of your choice and click on the ​Pre-Registration Form button. Fill it out and mail it to me along with your deposit.

  3. Two to four weeks prior to a time-slot opening, you will receive an e-mail with my unique ISR Registration URL which will take you to ISR’s National Registration Website.

  4. Complete the ISR National Registration process at The cost to register your child is $105* which is due when completing the online registration. ​ISR will send a confirmation email once the registration process is completed. ​This e-mail will have your registration form. Your child is NOT ready for lessons until this process is complete.

  5. I will be notified once your child has been cleared by the Registration Evaluation Team. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to check the progress of your child’s registration. Once the ISR National Registration process has been completed and your child is cleared for lessons, you will be contacted to confirm start date and time slot as it becomes available.

   *This cost will cover a medical screening by our Registration Evaluation Team (RET) to assess the physical and developmental readiness of your child. Determination of appropriateness for lessons is not based on a particular condition or diagnosis, rather on the unique characteristics of the child. The registration fee also covers the course materials, which include Parent Resource Book and informational DVD which you will receive within 5 days of completing the online registration.

parent forms

registering with amy pritchett


I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about ISR lessons and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me to set up a time that is most convenient for me to contact you. 
For pool locations and times please visit the Pools/Pre-Reg page.


BUDS (Bowels-Urination-Diet-Sleep) information will be gathered daily

prior to the lesson starting. Please make sure you are prepared to alert me to any changes to the questions asked in relation to your child's past 24 hours. If you have a caregiver bringing your child to lessons please make sure you prepare them to provide accurate information. This is very important to ensure safe and effective lessons are taking place.